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Hand drilled by members of Headway East London in collaboration with Alex Rich / £4, all the takings will be donated to Headway East London to support their activities

Christina, my good friend from high school, first introduced me to Headway East London (HEL) where she works as an co-ordinator. HEL is a hub for people affected by brian injury. They support and build a society where brain injury survivors are valued, respected and given every opportunity to live full and active lives.

Last winter, in collaboration with a designer Alex Rich, Headway’s member created a series of beautiful cards. My roll was to sell them in my shop to raise money and awareness for the HEL. 

Yesterday, I was invited to join them to celebrate their 15th birthday and finally donated all the money I have gathered so far. Christina and I am thinking of the next project to work together with members of HEL.

Recently, Spitalfields Life has written about Miriam, the head of the HEL, to explain how it all started and what they have achieved in the last 15 years. A very encouraging and fascinating woman she is.


A Geometrical Study by Lars Frideen / £55, available from Momosan Shop

Lars Frideen is one of the designers I asked to participate in the current exhibition “Hexagon”. I always appreciated his knowlegde and passion in wood.

The projects starts with cutting six identical pieces of wood with a hole drilled in centre of each pieces. These pieces are put together to form a cube. All sides are then cut at a 45 degree angle and all corners are then cut off at a 35 degree angle. What you are left with a form consisting of number of geometrical shapes; circle, triangle, square, hexagon, octagon and rhombus.

Wood used are reclaimed wood that Lars has collected over the years. For examples, Jarrah salvaged after decades of service off the coast in Whitstable, a log of Hinoki brought back in his suitcase from Japan or a small piece of Rosewood from Brazil found on the street in London.

Lars does not give a specific use to this beautifully crafted object but the users can give variety of purposes depending on their imaginations; an educational toy, a penholder, a candle holder, sculpture on the desk ….

Lars also made boxes for the geometric balls. From angled off-cuts, he also made hexagonal coasters. This piece reminds me of Hakone’s Yosegi-zaiku in Japan. Lovely addition to the tea-time set.

All left from this project are saw dust and wood chipping. He is planning to make paper out of them!

Wood used in the process including; Ash, Cherry, English Oak, American Oak, Hinoki, Sugi, Red Cedar, Iroko, Burmese Teak, Rosewood, Mahogany and Jarrah.

Momosan Shop has selected works with hexagonal forms to complement the shop’s own collection. Designers exhibiting include Antoli, Lars Frideen, Gemma Holt, Wanju Kim and Max Lamb. Photography by Jason Chow


Momosan Shop has invited several designers to take a part in the show themed around “Hexagon”. The show is part of London Design Festival and will start from tomorrow.

14th – 23rd September
Mon~Fri : 12:00 – 19:00
Sat~Sun : 11:00-18:00
Late Night Event : Tues 18th, until 21:00

Momosan Shop
15a Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA

At the same location, Rupert Blanchard opens his workshop to the public for the first time with an exhibition of his new work.