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In this great weather, we sweat more and therefore drink more water, either tap or bottled.

The smell of the chlorine discourages drinking tap water, but the idea of supporting bottled water industry is also not so appealing. With products such as filtering cartridge available, again, amount of plastic package used in such products often seems excessive. Remembering my grandmother using binchotan (white charcoal) for purifying water and making rice cooked fluffier led me find out more about charcoal and its production process.

Some charcoal such as binchotan and bamboo charcoal are used as filtering materials. With bamboo charcoal, since bamboo is a fast-growing plant the supply is abundant and sustainable in Japan. It only takes 5 years for bamboo to complete maturity. Badly managed bamboo forests could propagate tremendously and attacks the trees and shrubs around. It also can cause blasts as well as cliff deterioration. Managing bamboo forests and make good use of it helps to protect the balance of the forest.

The same problems can be said in the UK. Britain imports around 95% of its charcoal needs all the way from tropical rainforests, yet this could be supplied from national resources. Making charcoal out of neglected woodland in the UK and purchasing them supports not only greater wildlife but also benefits local economies.


Bamboo Charcoal available at Momosan Shop is produced by Mr Suehiro from Kumamoto, Japan. At the age of 75, he still travels mainly to developing countries teaching how to make bamboo charcoal.

What makes bamboo charcoal a perfect filtering material is that the super-porous structure which is produced when it is fired at much higher temperature than usual charcoal making process. This numerous small pores absorb chemical substances and odors in tap water and gives great filtering abilities. After bamboo charcoal is used as water filter, it can be still useful as moisture regulators around the house, then finally broken into small pieces to be buried in the garden to help improve soil. Nothing to throw away nor to waste. This makes it a perfect solution for tastier tap water.

Could it get any better?


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