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“Wright & Doyle” is a unit formed by plant lovers; a gardener (Matt Wright) and a pattern cutter (Izabella Doyle).

A few years ago, we met for the first time when the couple visited Momosan Shop in search for some objects for their new home Chinampa: a boat house that they just designed to accommodate not only themselves but their ever expanding number of house plants.

Having their backgrounds in fine art and pattern cutting, Wright & Doyle designed and handcrafted a range of products catering to those with a passion for gardening and all things green. With every consideration to their function and form, the collection includes unique garments and accessories such as plant stands with hand casted ceramic pots and hand knotted plant hangers. Everything that they have made are the things that they use and surround themselves in their daily lives.

This week, WRIGHT & DOYLE is transforming our window with their first collection with rare plants sourced by them. We are celebrating its launch this Thu, 14th May (Friday 15th May, 6-8pm). We hope you can be part of it and enjoy a drink or two with us.

WRIGHT & DOYLE – Garden Outfitters –
Launch: Thursday 14th May, 7-9 pm Due to adverse weather forecasted on 14th, the launch has moved to Friday 15th May, 6-8pm

Momosan Shop 79a Wilton Way, London E8 1BG