All of these are harvested today from the garden I share with other housemates. Fig trees are planted by our Greek landlady in 70’s, plum trees hanging from neighbour’s garden, and giant beetroots have grown from seeds I planted a few months ago. All happening in London N7. This is the future!

Now, my challenge is preserving all these fruits that we can not consume right away. My friend Thomas suggested to have “Preserve Exchange” in autumn. So, keep that in your mind if you would like to swap your own preserve with creations of others.

Barter system can work brilliantly that way.


Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz / Fermenting Pot available at the Momosan Shop

“The science and art of fermentation is, in fact, the basis of human culture; without culturing, there is no culture.”

by Sally Fallon (in Wild Fermentation)

One of the customers whom I talked about food fermentations previously kindly brought a brilliant book called Wild Fermentation last week. Very next day, a Korean friend brought me a jar of Kimchi she had made 4 days before. It was the best Kimchi I ever tasted.

Reading this book, I realise how much of our food we consume are actually treasure results of fermentation process by microorganisms invisible to us. Yogurt was my breakfast this morning. I had cheese melted on my sourdough bread for lunch and miso soup for dinner yesterday. Not only tasty, they are all incredibly beneficial to our body.

I own a fermenting pot and even sell them in my shop. But now, with the guidance of this book, the possibility of home fermentation extends even more. I totally recommend it!